The Eczema Mailing List


8.1 What is the Eczema Mailing List? 

The Eczema Mailing List is an automated mailing list which allows people with Eczema to share their experiences of living with and managing Eczema. 

The discussion on the list varies from people sharing their own experiences of or questions about orthodox and alternative treatments to people discussing the emotional and social aspects of eczema. The quality of the discussion of course depends on what people are prepared to contribute. 

Any member can send a message to the list server and this message is then re-distributed to all members. At any one time there are a number of discussion threads going on. 

There is no charge for subscribing to the list and if you do not want to remain on the list you just send a message to un-subscribe. 

At present membership is screened manually so if you send the “subscribe” message you will get a message back from a real person asking for a few details about yourself and your interest in eczema. 

8.2 How to I subscribe to the Eczema Mailing List? 

To subscribe to the Eczema Mailing, complete the subscription form or send a blank e-mail to You do not need to enter a subject for the message. 

You will get a message asking about the nature of your interest in eczema. After you have replied to that message, and have received confirmation that your subscription has been accepted, you can send actual mail to the people on the list by using the address: 

If you later want to remove your name from the list, send a blank message to and you will be taken off the list. 

8.3 How do I get help on the Eczema Mailing List? 

Please see our Help for Subscribers page. This tells you how to do things like change from digest mode to receiving individual e-mails,  what to do if you are going away and want to temporarily stop receiving messages from the Eczema Mailing List.

8.4 How do I access the archives? 

The archives of the Eczema Mailing List are available in two forms. 

Edited versions of the archives from December 1995 to September 1997 are available at and

These archives are publicly available and have been edited to protect subscribers’ privacy. 

Complete archives containing all messages posted to the Eczema Mailing List since December 1995 up to the current time are available at: 

Please note that access to these complete archives is only available to current subscribers to the Eczema Mailing List. 

8Full instructions for accessing the complete archives can be found on the Help for Subscribers page.