Living with Eczema


6.1 What physical problems do people with eczema face? 

Depending on the severity, eczema can be a minor irritation or can come to dominate your life. There can be constant discomfort from hot itchy skin, bleeding from scratched skin, infected broken skin. There can be a constant ritual of applying creams and ointments many times a day, or applying messy bandages. 

6.2 What emotional and sociological problems do people with eczema face? 

If the eczema is on exposed parts of the body such as the hands and face this can make the person feel self conscious and imagine that everyone is looking at them. People with eczema can develop a poor self image for reasons such as this. 

People with eczema may feel anger towards members of the medical community and others who do not understand the problems they face. 

6.3 Are people disabled by eczema? 

Eczema can certainly limit the range of employment opportunities. For example a person with eczema may not be able to work with certain chemicals or may not be able handle shampoos or cosmetics. 

6.4 What support groups are available for people with eczema? 

In the United Kingdom: 

The National Eczema Society 
163 Eversholt Street 
NW1 1BU 

Telephone: 0171-388 4097 

The National Eczema Society has a membership of 14000 people with eczema and provides information for people with eczema and their carers. 

Membership of the society costs GBP15 per year. Members receive an information pack and a quarterly magazine “Exchange”. There are also local groups throughout the United Kingdom. 

In the Republic of Ireland: 

The National Eczema Society 
Carmichael House 
North Brunswick Street 
Dublin 7 

In the USA: 

National Eczema Association for Science and Education
1220 SW Morrison St Suite 433
Portland OR 97205

Telephone: (503) 228-4430 
Toll free: 800-818-SKIN