Alternative or Complementary Treatments


5.1 What alternative treatments are available? 

People with eczema have found that various alternative therapies are helpful. These include: 

    * Yeast Elimination 
    * Chinese Herbs 
    * Acupuncture 
    * Aromatherapy 
    * Homeopathy 

5.1.1 Yeast Elimination 

One theory is that eczema is caused by “leaky gut syndrome”. This occurs when particles of partially digested foods enter the bloodstream through small holes in the intestine. These particles are not properly broken down by digestion and are perceived by the body as allergens, causing an allergic response, resulting in itching and eczema. 

The holes in the intestine are caused by Candida yeast, which bores holes in the intestinal walls. If you get rid of the yeast, the intestine eventually heals, and partially digested foods cannot get into the blood. Consequently, the allergic reactions cease and the eczema gets better. 

A regime to aid the elimination of the yeast is as follows: 

    * Take garlic or Capryllic Acid at least twice a day. This helps to kill the yeast. 
    * Take Acidophilus or preferably Acidophilus with Bifidus at least twice a day. This “friendly bacteria” helps to crowd out the yeast. 
    * Avoid foods you are allergic to. 
    * Avoid all yeast products, including breads, pickled foods, alcoholic beverages, soy sauce. 
    * Avoid water which has been treated with chlorine as this kills off the “friendly bacteria”. 

The overgrowth of yeast may be caused by the use of antibiotics which kill off the “friendly bacteria” in the gut. For this reason some physicians prescribe anti-fungal agents when prescribing antibiotics. They are reluctant to prescribe anti-fungals because over the long term they can cause liver damage. 

5.1.2 Chinese Herb Therapy 

Some people with eczema report success with Chinese Herb Therapy where other treatments have failed, but as with all treatments it is important that it is carried out under correct medical supervision. 

More information on this subject is available in the file “herbinfo” on the mailing list server. See section 8.7 for instructions on retrieving this file. 

5.2 How do I go about finding alternative practitioners? 

In the United Kingdom: 

British Acupuncture Council 
Park House 
206 Latimer Road 
London W10 6RE 

Telephone: 0181-964 0222 

Aromatherapy Organisations Council 
3 Latymer Close 
Market Harborough 
LE16 8LN 

Telephone: 01858 434242 

Society of Homeopaths 
2 Artizan Road 
NN1 4HU 

The UK Homeopathic Medical Association 
6 Livingstone Road 
DA12 5DZ 

Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine 
P.O. Box 400