Information and FAQ


1.1 Copyright Information 

This FAQ file is Copyright (c) 1999 David Hough. It may be distributed without permission in electronic form provided it is reproduced in its entirety, including the table of contents, all sections and this copyright message. 

1.2 Introduction 

This is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) File for the Eczema Mailing List. It contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions about eczema and dermatitis. 

1.3 Disclaimer 

Although care has been taken in the preparation of this file and all the information is provided in good faith the authors cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions or for any misfortune arising from the use of information contained in the file. 

This file is not intended as a substitute for proper medical care. Anyone who has, or thinks they have, eczema or dermatitis should consult a suitably qualified medical practitioner. 

Books, product and services mentioned in this file are listed only as a service to readers of this file and no endorsement or recommendation of these products is implied. 

1.4 How often is the FAQ updated? 

This FAQ is not updated on a specific schedule. It is updated when new or updated information becomes available. 

1.5 How do I get the latest copy of this FAQ? 

The latest version of the FAQ can be found at and

1.6 Who wrote this FAQ? 

This FAQ was written by David Hough, with some contributions from members of the Eczema Mailing List. 

1.7 What do I do if I have suggestions for this FAQ? 

Suggestions for additions or corrections to this FAQ should be sent to: and they will be considered for inclusion in a future version.